QUETZATL – Super Frosty Fresh

“Super Frosty Fresh” continues the story with 100 bpm mega beats inspired by frozen landscapes and icy arctic winds.

If you enjoy “Super Frosty Fresh”, you’ll also love the icy Quetzatl albums, “Deep Freeze” and “Ice Hop”.
Beats, Bass, Synth & Effects programmed by
Esiris Kayab Lyons aka QUETZATL

CG Cover Art by
Quetzatl – Super Frosty Fresh

released 28 March 2015

QUETZATL – Protoplasm

In the beginning. . . the Protoplasts gave witness to that which had been first formed. And what had been ancient became new and what was known became unknown.

All Original Beats, Bass, Synth, EFX and Environments programmed by Esiris Kayab Lyons aka QUETZATL
“Kuulnezz” Beats & Synth co-programmed with Freddy Todd
Computer Graphics by Quazaar

Music Programmed by QUETZATL

QUETZATL – Innerstellar Cartography

Riding the topographic fabric of the continuum into the extreme reaches of the cosmos.

Out of the Galactic Core flowed pulsing waves of pure energy, the Rhythm of Time & Space undulating like tides of a Terrestrial Ocean, Yes, Time & Space could be navigated, the Soul could be mapped.

Computerized Bass Kicks & Space Age Effects merge with Indigenous Folk Instruments and Environments from around the Globe, bridging worlds into a fusion of Colossal 100 BPM Beat Driven Tunes.

(C)&(P) MMXIV Tokei Pul Records

Quetzatl – Innerstellar Cartography